Come as you are… No perfect people allowed!

Heartland Church began in 1996 with a group of people who wanted to worship in a style different than the traditional/formal churches of the time. From the very beginning we have been guided by 4 priorities:

1) To know God. There is nothing more important in life than to know God personally, This means that during our time together, we sing music that speaks truth about God no matter how young or old it is. It means we understand who He is and what He asks of us.

2) To obey God. It is not enough go home each week with more knowledge about the Bible. As God’s word renews our minds, it will result in a transformed life.

3) Our love for Christ will live itself out through the things we say and do. For example, as I come to understand my need of a Savior, my belief in Christ alone will result in the forgiveness of my sin and new life in Christ.

4) Christ is our light and our hope no matter what happens.

If these priorities resonate with you, if you feel like God may be leading you to go in a new direction, please come and experience God’s work among us

Pastor David Martin

Heartland church Office
1008 Whitewater     
St Charles MN 5592
(507) 932-5226

We Meet At
St Charles Elementary School
925 Church Avenue

Church service is at 10:00 am in the school auditorium

Adult Sunday School is at 9:00 am in the school library